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I thought I shall not bore everyone with my travel post. And since I’ve been to HCM for like umpteen times, there isn’t really much left for me to write about, except about their food LOL.

So I thought I should share some good restaurant over there, in case you are going, you can give it a try :). But do note that these recommendation are personal preference, you might like it, you might not.

Hue is a place in middle Vietnam, I’ve not been there, just close to there. I was at Danang for 4 hours this trip, which is pretty close to Hue. Their food, simple & yet delicious. Hue is known for spicy food.

During my recent trip, I met up with Mr. Hon there (Thank God he’s there, I don’t have to worry bout food LOL). So one of the night, we had dinner with his friends at Mon Hue Restaurant. My first time there, not my first encounter with Hue food though.

One of the recommended eat in this restaurant: Oyster Rice (the pic on the top right). I love this!!

It’s a simple bowl of rice, with a few pieces of rice crackers, topped with fried baby oysters, lots of Vietnamese vegetables, one good spoonful of chilli flakes (Vietnam type). Mix them up, add more chilli flakes if you lurve spiciness, and there you go. Looks like a bowl of Nasi Goreng Vietnam LOL.

Beware, only eat this if u can stand the oyster fishy smell.

A Vietnamese meal is never complete without some Nem (Spring Roll). We ordered 2 varieties. I think it’s Chicken and Beef on sugarcane. Slice the meat out and place them nicely on the rice paper, dump some leaves and whatever you want (given to you) wrap them up. Dip in the sauce, they even gave us pumpkin like sauce (I like the sauce!!) and goes into the mouth :).

On the bottom left, that’s egg roll, nothing fancy, didn’t really like it.

More Vietnamese Tapas :P.

On the left and right, they are all made of rice, it’s like chu cheong fun you know..but served differently.

On the left, they are put on little saucer, topped with some spring onion, fried pork lard, that yellow stuff I think it’s salted egg yolk or something like that. Typical Hue food.

On the right, they are served on banana leave, sprinkled with some meat floss and God knows what..tasted a bit like dried shrimps. Nice lah!!

Bottom left was the beef variety of the satay, eaten with the rice paper & veg.

And lastly, bun (fat bihun) served with veg, carrot, and some satay meat…

There were actually a few more stuff we ordered, but I was too busy eating..BURP.

Are you feeling hungry now?

So where’s this restaurant? They have like 7 branches throughout HCM. I seriously don’t know which one I went, thought it’s in Nam Ky Khoai, but I can’t find the add in the name card. So I’m listing down 3 of it here which is nearer to where I’m familiar with, the rest are a bit too far.

  • 302 Hai Ba Trung St, W. Tan Binh, District 1, HCMC – I think I went to this one, It’s at the main street, Daiso on the same road as well.
  • 98 Nguyen Trai St, W Ben Tanh, District 1, HCMC
  • 7 Cao Thang St, Ward 2, Dist. 3, HCMC

This is not a sponsored post :P. But who knows, they might just give me free lunch if they finds out that I’m promoting them LOL.

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