The Long Weekend…


… just ended like that!!

Seriously, I regret not taking off tomorrow. I’m so lazy getting back to work.

We were supposed to be in Vietnam for 6 days, but some unforeseen event took place which made Mr. Hon ends up in Korea for 4 days, so we cancelled our VN Trip.

But thank god, last minute my colleagues were also planning for a short trip to Cameron Highlands, so I quickly switch over the new ship and brought the kids up to Cameron Highlands. Oh, and bump into Syn Nee at the Sungai Buloh Toll. She was heading to CH also with her family. Small world eh.

Luckily I don’t have to spend my weekend watching blu ray CDs.

Haven’t quick look at the photos yet…here’s 1. Common view of Cameron Highlands, Tea Plantation.

It’s gonna be a good week this week…regardless of what is happening :). Yes!! Good time to celebrate. Shall not tell you why LOL.

Anyways, hope I’ll be back soon with more of this trip.

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