Of cancer, boss & trips

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A long blog hiatus since my previous update about our Cameron Highlands Trip & our SOHO rented out. OMG!!! It’s almost 1 month O.o.

Much had happened over the last month.

  1. From a dear friend that passed away due to cancer relapse, attended her funeral service.
  2. Then it was a trip to Vietnam for work & of course meet up with my other half :).
  3. Next came the sad news that my manager is leaving :(…We had a farewell dinner with him last Thursday, followed by karaoke session till 1am (I stayed till 1, they partied till RedBox asked them to leave LOL)
  4. My double trouble keeping me busy every other day with their love-hate relationship.
  5. I’m now sitting here, trying to whip up a quick post before get back to my editing work, gotta finish previous’ session photos and at the same time, planning for my next trip which is due next week.

Seriously, where got time to even sit and read blog!! Want to go toilet also need to book a time!!

Sometimes I wish I have more time in my hands, or simply I can spin 2 extra hours with my fingers.

The 1st event that happened gave a new reflection to my life. That life is fragile. Treasure your loved ones.

The 3rd event left me wandering where is the light at the end of tunnel. I’m still searching for one at the moment. I’m gonna miss my boss dearly, as he has been my boss for nearly 10 yrs for 2 different companies.

And I’ll be making a few trips for the new few months, I’m so missing my 2 kiddos :(.

Here’s leaving you with 2 photos.

A toast for our departing boss.

My kids, trying to hold each other’s head and pose for me.

Have a great week ahead and I won’t be back so soon :).

11 thoughts on “Of cancer, boss & trips”

  1. Yeah, life is truly fragile. I’ve also attended a funeral service recently and the person also passed away because of cancer. But, I also accept that this is the cycle of life. We have to learn to treasure every minute and snapping that wonderful photo of your kids is a good way to begin 🙂

  2. You followed your boss from HP to this company? Just like I followed my boss from the previous dept to the new dept – only difference is I left before my boss 🙂

    Nice pix of your double trouble.

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