Off the runway…


If you have been following this blog since moons ago, I’m pretty sure you know that Mr. Hon is working in a high risk job.

Two months ago, while I was at work, he buzzed me online. “Accident!!”

First thing I thought, aiyo, another bike accident. Bike accidents are common in VN and he was involved in 1 sometime ago. Minor stuff. I’ve witnessed myself bike accidents in VN, it’s just like witnessing a kid falling from cycling.

Hence I didn’t answer him and continued discussing with my colleague.

Then he type a few more lines:

* Plane went off the runway…
* Tyre burst…

OK, that’s no joke. Then I started chatted with Mr. Hon to find out more details. Details aside.

Lucky thing that there were no casualties despite such drama. The person that was doing the landing was the Captain, Mr. Hon was assisting.

We thank GOD for watching over him. I’m glad that the one that buzz me online was him, and not his colleague in VN telling me something had happened to him.

Seriously, after married to him for so many years, it never really crossed my mind about such thing, lets just say I rather not think it would happen. Better to have +ve thoughts than -ve. But this incident is an eye opener to both of us.

Then few hours later at that very same week, he called and told me that his wallet got stolen. Kanasai, why so black-chai one. So he asked me to check for him for IC & Driving License Replacement. The rest he has settled from there.

Looks like he’s into a streak of bad luck. Chinese believes that when you are hit by bad luck, it comes in 3. So it’s already the 2nd, what’s next?

I actually told his friend who called me few minutes later informing me to cancel his phone line in KL that she needs to help perform the 3rd bad luck. Probably push him to fall down or something LOL.

Here’s a photo taken last year during Christmas. He flew us from KL to Vietnam. Our seats were upgraded to Business Class & the kids had a great time having such a huge seat all by themselves.

I drafted this post 2 months ago and finally I have the license to post this up since investigation is now complete and he’s back on the seat.

Mr. Hon, please take care of yourself when you are working. Promise me!!

7 thoughts on “Off the runway…”

  1. wow, nice family shot! not many can get the privilege.

    thank goodness your hubby is alright. must be worrying for you but like you said, it’s useless thinking of the -ve. so did ur friend push your hubby down? 🙂

  2. Glad that nothing happen to Mr Hon. But what A-Mom’s-A-Diary say is right lar.. plane accidents not so frequent, road accidents more frequent.

    Aiyo.. must push him to fall down to ‘create’ bad luck so cham meh? (but did you do it?)

    Nice family shot of you in the cockpit.

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