Broga Hills, 10.10.10

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Seriously, I forgot totally that it was 10.10.10 yesterday until Sue mention that it’s really meaningful for us to do something on 10.10.10. That is to conquer the Broga Hills LOL.

Supposingly it’s a photography trip organised by Sue & her colleagues, I decided to tag along. I really need a break and shoot something else apart from kids & babies. Maybe can get some new inspiration along the way :P.

I woke up at 245am and got ready. By 330am, Sue came and fetch me, and guess what, most of the gang FFK!! LOL. Only left her ex-colleague and his brother. Good thing her brother brought a whole gang of guys haha…Only 2 ladies, and 8 guys :P.

We met at Steven’s Corner @ Pandan Indah for our very early breakfast before heading to Broga Hills. Don’t really know the way, but Google Map brought us there in a breeze :).

Arrived at Broga at 545am, pitch black, but was already full of people. We parked the car at the Palm Oil Estate and started our journey up hill.

Being the not-so-fit ME, it was a real challenge. Half way thru already cursing. I swear if I came alone, I would have just went home and sleep. Good thing also that it didn’t rain the night before, so it was not muddy and slippery. At some part of the climb, it’s rather steep and dangerous. Not for kids definitely!!

At 620am, we finally reached one of the main stop where there were quite a few people there. Then proceed to point 2 and finally reached there just before 645am.

We both stopped at point 2, but the rest of the guys went to Point 3, which was much steeper.

We took some photos, waiting patiently for the sunrise..but but…the sun never did rise :(. It went to snooze mode, sob sob. So much so for the effort of going up, only manage to get a sneak peak of the sunrise.

We started to descend around 8am. Boy, going down is far more difficult than going up. Since it’s so bright now, you have more fear in you looking at all those steep steps. I can’t imagine we just bulldoze over it when it was still dark to get up. Going downhill is also very taxing to the knees. That’s why my thighs are hurting today :P.

By the time we got down, I was all drenched in sweat. Good exercise yeah..Will I go again? Err…better not say. Maybe Sue gotta slap me to remind me hahaha…

Nevertheless, it’s a trip worthwhile. The scenery is beautiful. Especially all those long lallang :).

Here are more photos taken from the trip.

beautiful lallang

our helper when we were going up. Thanks guys :).

A weird looking tree among the lallang

Sue, our organiser. Behind her that’s Point 1.

more lovely lallang

Feel like running down hill?

Can you see the blister on Sue’s feet?

Our breakfast

A good way to mark 10.10.10 :).

I hope they won’t start any construction jobs here and disturb the nature.

11 thoughts on “Broga Hills, 10.10.10”

  1. Like the lalang and those photos , i stay so near , BUT i haven been there .. Even Jeremy had been there with my SIL … hahaha.

  2. Soooo early! I’d rather sleep leh..haha. But I’m sure the scenery is worth the effort. Hey the rabbit farm is just opposite the starting point of the hike up Broga Hill (that’s what I was told)

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