Photoshoot: Faythe & Vyktore

Faythe Photography Vyktore

As much as I love taking photos of kids & babies, I’ve not even taken my 2 kids for a session themselves. So after much thought about this, I decided to bring Faythe out at first. Seriously, I can’t handle 2 together at the same time taking photos. But Vyktore woke up and wants to follow us out, so in the end I packed 2 of them into the car and asked my maid to come along.

Initially it was a location near our place, but there was an event there, so I chickened out. Then I decided, heck, might as well take a drive to KLPac. And we ended up there. This place is not meant for public, I was trying to wrap up the session ASAP before I got caught LOL.

The weather was rather kind to us, at 10am, it was not hot and a bit windy too. Then it started raining by 11.30am and we had to make a move.

So let the photos do all the talking now. For more photos, hop over to FB :).

This is one of my fav, seriously she’s good in posing.

Vyktore & his bb.

Flowers she picked for Mommy :). Thanks dear.

Posing with the flowers. Mental note, next round must bring real flowers.

A co-operative & not-so co-operative model 🙂

Shooting in KLPAC, brickwall is a must!!

They were admiring the ducks swimming in the lake

Vyktore with his daydreaming look

He’s not so good with posing yet, very good at frowning though 😛

A not so happy model hahaha…she was getting tired towards the end.

One more for the road

Another of my fav shot 🙂

Finally, a decent pic of 2 of them.

My fav shot, this gonna go for the blog header :).

Vyktore doing his kungfu stunt.

Faythe trying to pluck tree leaves.

I’m not listening….

Sitting on the fire hydrant like he’s driving a car. Boys!!

This my fav shot of Vyktore for the day.

Her new bracelet, ordered from Momslittletresurebox.

After the session, we went for movies at Tropicana City. The Legend of Guardians. Quite a nice one :). After movies, we went for late lunch at one of the shop and I took a few photos.

And here’s Vyktore at home, laughing while I was watching TV. Reason was he accidentally opened my maid’s bathroom door while she was bathing..OMG….my maid so silly, mandi never lock the door :|.

Lets close this off with my fav pose of the day. This was what I had in mind before the session and the result is absolutely satisfying. OK, I think I must have photosessions with them every quarter :P.

I made a big mistake dressing Vyktore up in the Elmo shirt, should have dressed him in nfl t shirts instead.

16 thoughts on “Photoshoot: Faythe & Vyktore”

  1. very nice photos, u should take more mah, btw.. ur girl hairstyle look so yau ying geh ….quite boyish …:P and she look very furious to me too …:P

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