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(photo taken in Mar 2010)

Few nights ago, I made milk for Vyktore & milo (milk plus 1 scoop of milo) for Faythe. When she got her bottle, we had a lil conversation.

Faythe: Mommy, when can I stop drinking from the bottle?

I was quite taken aback when she asked this. Seriously, I’ve never forced her to drink from bottle till now, but it has never crossed my mind when I want to wean her off from bottle since she has never complain anyway. She was once weaned from her bottle when she was 2, then she stopped drinking for sometime, in the end we started it again.

Mommy: Hmm..why, you don’t want to drink from the bottle anymore?
Faythe: *Silent*
Mommy: You can drink from the cup, but if you do that, it will spill all over the car, and your mil will go like this n this (pretending to be milo swinging left n right) n oops…spilled on your baju.
Faythe: hahaha *She laughed, then started drinking her milo and never did brought the question up again*

She usually drinks in the car in the morning, so I came up with that reason since I couldn’t think of anyway to tell her that she can drink from cup if she wants to.

Now the million dollar question, when should I start weaning her off the bottle? I don’t have problem with her drinking from bottle since she (as well as Vyktore) does not have the habit of falling asleep with the bottle. But probably sometimes she feels weird sucking on it.

Time to introduce the straw & cup probably. But with that, she won’t be able to enjoy the drink lying down, that’s the down side of it.

Does your 5yo still drinks from bottle? What are your plans?

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  1. Stopped bottle feeding my son and switched to cup and straw in jun 2010. he was 4 yrs old. with bottle he could drink 3x of milk a day, but now with cup and straw, he only drink once a day and I had to add chocolate milk to it to make it more enticing.

    yes, no more luxury of laying down drinking milk. try cup with straw that has cover. i like the ‘take and toss’ “disposable” straw cup with cover, i think got sell in KL.

  2. in US they recommend to stop using milk bottles before the age of 2. it’s even part of the questionaire in ask by peds during all wellness check-up. can you imagine the stress …

    so far i am still trying to think what to do coz if i dun use bottle then Ryan won’t be drinking milk. he refuses to drink milk if straw cup is used. and so far he isn’t doing very well with cup yet …

  3. none of my children wean from bottle yet and my eldest is going to std 2 next year. hehehehe. it is very convenient to drink from bottle lar. and fast too. i think they will take hours if i get them to drink from the cup. 😉

  4. Yeah should intro the straw and cup. There are bottles with straw that is air tight, she still can drink from the car.

    One thing with sucking, it may affect the teeth.

  5. i also dont hv the keen to wean Jeremy from the bottle especially early in the morning and at night b4 bed … i was so lazy to wean , always wory she spllied the milk, then i hv double work to clean up ….

  6. From personal experience, I drank from the bottle until I was 10 and my sister only weaned at 12. My parents’ rationale was, as long as drink lots of milk which is good for us, it’s fine. 🙂

  7. My kids stopped using btls when they were 4 yo. They dun drink on-the-go so there was no such need for btls. Moreover they oni need to drink once a day during b’fast. And they hv b’fast at home.

  8. Pst Typo.. Milo not MIL (I was wondering why your MIL goes like this and that)..

    Zara still drinks from the bottle but she tries to be discreet esp in the car. 😛

  9. Darrius went off the bottle a few months back as he took too long to finish. Now with cup and straw, he is done within 5 minutes!

    Maybe Faythe gotta wake up earlier so she can finished her milk at home.

  10. hey i think it’s time to wean-off bottle at 5…
    or u can do it slowly, morning in the car, can use sippy bottle then night only bottle
    check out those non-spill type lor

  11. shan leo gave up his bottle before 2, and shan rae has never drank from a bottle before. hence, they dun drink much milk 🙁 they only drink milk in the morning.

    i think a nice sippy cup will be good for faythe?

  12. at least she asks when, for me i have to ask when! lol! …i have no plans until she asks for it but i do think it makes sense if they’re lying down and drinking it or in the car. but it’s a NO-NO in public or in front on her friends.

  13. Yiu Yiu still drinks from the bottle too, and once in a while, we do talk about using cup but since she only drinks morning and night, and both times, she brushes her teeth after drinking so I guess it’s still OK. I’m letting it be coz I’m afraid that if I remove the bottle, she’d drink even lesser.

  14. My eldest 4yo, too still drinking milk from his bottle many times a day. I think FAYTHE is ready to be weaned off, the fact she popped the question. Mmm.. Maybe it’s really time now. She’s growing up… 🙂 Tai kor lui.

  15. hmmm… nvr thot about it since u bring it up now, mine drink one time in daycare b4 afternoon nap from cup, teacher said no more bottles. but she still drinks morning & b4 sleeping at nite from bottle, easy & fast lor, sometimes she can easily drink while sleeping, from the bottle! hahaha…

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