Their Pets

Faythe Scrapbooking Vyktore

OK, I finally have time to blog about the kids rather than my trips. Yay!!

Both Faythe & Vyktore adores mini toys instead of soft cuddly giant toys. I’m glad, at least my house will not be filled with big cuddly toys which tends to collect more dust.

Faythe loves cat. Hence she has a pink cat. At first she named her Rosie. But after watching Cats vs. Dogs Movie, she named her cat, Katherine. Konon lah, that’s a heroine cat :). She holds Katherine to sleep every night, except some nights when she left it in MIL house. Then she’d comfort herself by saying, “Katherine just want to rest in grandma house. Next day I’ll bring her back” O.o.

Vyktore, he loves dog. But I didn’t put up a pic of him and his pup, Gary. Yes, his pup is named Gary LOL. The one seen here is call TV Monster haha…and look, he is smiling just like the monster :P. He will put the monster beside him when he sleeps, cover with blanket somemore ^.^. Sometimes he’ll tell me, “Mommy, TV is sick, he’s sleeping upstairs…shsshhhh…”.


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