Closing the 2010 Curtain

Daddy Faythe Jazzmint Vyktore

In a few hours from now, 2010 will become history. And we will welcome 2011.

As the final post of the year, lets all look back at what has happened. I seriously thinks that 2010 has passed by so fast that it felt like only yesterday it was Jan 2010.

In January

Faythe had her wart removed from her finger, just right after she turned 5. Then followed by a couple of business trip before Chinese New Year comes into picture.

In February

We celebrated a triple celebration: My birthday, CNY & Valentine’s Day. This is also the 1st yr we celebrate CNY together with Mr. Hon in KL, ever since he started working in Vietnam. It was also my 1st time set foot in Pavilion. It was also the month where we got Faythe registered for her Primary School, in 2012. Not forgetting my Cambo maid attempt to poison us with Techni Ice O.o.

In March

I spent 2 weeks working in Jakarta, and the rest was history I guess. I also made a trip to Yogjakarta, to visit the beautiful Borobodur. Finally get to strike this off from my To-Go-Wish List.

In April

The man of the house turned 40, and I threw him a surprise party. It was also our 7th wedding anniversary. We also sempat to squeeze in a trip to Bukit Tinggi.

In May

Nothing much happened except that I had a brawl with the policeman on one of the mornings. At the end of May, we had a bloggers Mommy night out. It was great to have some time off from the kids. That was not the end of it. After that, we’ve had 3 Mommies night out, of which I’ve attended 2.

In June

Another travel month. We went to Penang. Celebrated Vyktore’s 4th birthday there as well. Got him a shark cake :). I also remake the kids room, in hoping they would sleep in, but well…it’s a failed project, cause up till today, they only play in the room, or nap. No sleeping. It was school term break, kids had a Wild Wild West Party in school. And before the term break, school organised an outing to High 5 Bread Factory.

In July

Daddy had an accident during his duty. We went for a trip to Taiwan. We’ve planned this since last year, finally had the courage to take some time off from work and get this done. Work will never finish anyway right :P.

In August

That’s another travel month. 1st time travel with colleagues and the kids to Cameron Highlands.Didn’t even have a chance to blog about this O.o.

In September

This month was a month of things happening in a whirlwind. My boss resigning. Lost a great friend, Lisa. Travelled to Vietnam for work. We rented out our Empire SOHO to a photographer from HK. Everything happened so fast.

In October

2 more colleagues left. It was indeed a sad month. We went to Kuala Gandah to visit the Elephants. I also made a trip to Singapore for biz trip and visiting friends. Stayed at the newly built Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Oh, and finally make a trip to Broga Hills to recharge my braincells :P.

In November

If you think things should slow down by now, HOLD YOUR BREATH!! It’s not gonna happen. More projects coming in. I made a trip to Palembang & Medan. Started my scrapbooking engine again, but only did 3 and now it’s waiting for what’s next…

In December

It’s a month that just flew off so quickly. We spent 2 weeks in VN, clearing my leave, spending quality time with the kids & Mr. Hon. We went to Muine for a short breakaway, shall blog about it next year :P. My Indon maid also decided to runaway while we were still in VN. Now I’m living without a maid and trying my best to juggle with kids and the house. Faythe was on TV3, last tuesday, 28th Dec, for a segment recorded earlier. We are so proud of her. She appears so confident on screen. You can catch her recorded session in my FB.

2011 will pose a new challenge to our family. As there will be plenty of changes happening around us. Let us all usher the New Year with new hopes. May there be less disasters around the world.

Good bye 2010.

Hereby leaving this final post of 2010 with a photo that was taken recently in Muine, Vietnam.

One for the family at last :). Happy New Year everyone….

7 thoughts on “Closing the 2010 Curtain”

  1. Yeah, time jes zoomed past so fast. Scary huh.
    Nice header… looked like a scene from a drama whr the kids r running away from something. hahaha
    Happy New Year to u and ur family, Jazz!

  2. Blessed 2011 to you, Mr Hon, F&V. Saw your FB video of Faythe – she was cool as a cat in front of the camera – well done! F and YY will be in different classes again this year 🙁

  3. Blessed 2011 to you, Mr Hon, F&V. Saw Faythe’s video on your FB – she was cool as a cat in front of the camera – well done. Faythe and YY will be in different classes again this year 🙁

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