Snow: she came & she left

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During CNY this year, Snow visited us for a few days while Frank went back hometown. This year, I told Frank to bring her over to our place instead of me going over to his house to feed Snow so that it’s more convenient for me.

As usual, the kids were all excited when we suddenly have a pet dog at home :). Actually, we did have a pet dog for a few months, until it went MIA one day after I came back from my biz trip.

Snow doesn’t seem to be her usual self this time round. She looks pretty tired and didn’t want to play much with the kids. Unlike 3 yrs back when she came to our place, she was so excited with the kids, the kids got a bit wary.

Kids loves her very much. They played with her and allow her to lick their hands. Vyktore purposely put his bum at the her tail so that the tail will wag his bum LOL. They are certainly not giving her the best dog training.

Then she left us after being with us for few days.

Last week while I was having dinner, I received a SMS from Frank. Snow has left us to join Sky.

I was stunned. I told my kids and they were shocked as they were so looking forward to see Snow again.

Good bye Snow, we will definitely miss you.

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