Jakarta & back


I thought I have weekends by myself and I would be able to catch up with some postings on my blog.

But hell no, I needed to prepare my slides.

I thought the slides would take just a mere 2 hours.

But hell no, it took my weekends away..and subsequently every morning for 3 days!!

But I’m glad that the bombing session is over. At least this round China VP was quite satisfied with the results we have deliver in Indonesia :). *phew*

I went to Jakarta for 10 days for transition of work as well as quarter end review. I’m so glad that finally they’ve hired my equivalent in Jakarta and I don’t need to go there anymore, unless it’s for holiday :P.

Well, I do miss Jakarta and all the good food, and don’t mind going back there for the food. The sate is to die for O.o. I’ve not done much shopping though in Jakarta. Didn’t spot any cell phone casee for sale.

I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that my job will get better, now that Indonesia is gonna be out of picture. Time to concentrate on the other 3 countries.

On the day I left Jakarta, Japan striked by Tsunami. I saw the news over TV and it was so scary the waves moving in and sweeping everything. And for the pass few days, been getting some hoax SMSes about radiation. C’mon, those that spreading this kind of messsages need to put their act together. At trial times like this, it’s not time for hoax. It will cause more panic than anything.

After 10 days eating Indon food & spices. I definitely won’t mind coming home for a bowl of beef noodlles.

Things will get pretty busy at home starting now on. I’m gonna start a yard sale soon :P. Alot stuff to clear as well haha..

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