Keeping them still at home

Faythe Vyktore

Hubby has a unique way of keeping the kids still at home. And eventually forcing them to sleep. He took a long break during February and was at home for a month. So naturally he takes the driver seat role during that month as a parent, while I can relax a bit.

After a morning day out, he wants to nap, and I want to nap as well. But the 2 energizer bunny still filled with energy. Can kill 10 cows!! So here’s what he did.








A relaxing mask for the duo O.o.

He bought alot of ginseng mask from Korea for me, so he took 2 and put on their face, ask them lie down and don’t move haha…

The trick of getting them to agree with putting on the mask. Here it goes.

Daddy: Aiyo, Vyktore, why your face so dark, I see it’s darker and not smooth
Mommy: Yeah…not enough rest
Daddy: Faythe you also. You see, why you also getting darker

The thing is we gotta both make them believe what we say :P, although half of it is not true LOL

So both went running to the mirror and check themselves LOL

And after some convincing words from the 2 of us, they agreed to let us put the mask on.

Kept them still for at least 20mins, and they doze off to sleep after we remove the mask.

The downside of this…..

Few days later, Vyktore came and asked: Mommy, when can we put that mask again? You see I got lines here (tipu lah dia, mana ada lines)

Wah, this boy of mine memang know what’s good for him 😛

12 thoughts on “Keeping them still at home”

  1. hahaha another two vain-pot. Can shake hands with Denisha & Darien. LOL. That’s an absolutely good idea. Find a mask that has to be use for 1hr before removing is even better than you guys can sleep longer la. 🙂

  2. really starting them young!
    And good trick to make the lie still.

    Mine ok already.. we can go and take nap, they can do their own things.

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