Of Arguments & Love

Faythe Vyktore

Just 18 months old apart from each other, means they are very close at all times, especially when it comes to play time.

Faythe the elder one will be the director usually. She will tell him what to do whenever it comes to role playing. She will plot the whole scene!!

Vyktore will oblige and follow. Sometimes in between, I will hear him throwing in some of his own opinions.

And naturally there’ll be complains and small arguments along the play.

So every other day, I will have hear this from Faythe:

  • Mommy, ah boy hit me on my head
  • Mommy, ah boy poke my eyes
  • Mommy, Ah boy don’t want to follow what I tell him
  • Mommy, ah boy keep on do the things wrongly

Then Vyktore goes:

  • Mommy, jie jie took my car (she wants him to play with her, so she went to hide his car O.o)
  • Mommy, jie jie hit my head
  • Mommy, I want be shark, I don’t want to be fish (or something along the line that he doesn’t want to be the character appointed to him)

Me, being the mediator and don’t wanna side anyone, sometimes I just tell them to sort it out.

My rule of thumb is if you wanna play rough with your siblings, then don’t come complain to me you got beaten.

Usually I will tell them it’s accident, hug each other say sorry. After that they start play again O.o. Amazing, how fast they can cool off LOL.

But if both goes too over the board, they gotta stand at naughty corner until I say they can move.

At times they will love each other. For instance:

  • Each time I give Vyktore vitamins, he will take one for Faythe too
  • If one goes out with one of us, and the other stay back, the one that goes out will remember to get something for the one that stayed behind
  • When Vyktore is bullied in the school, Faythe stands up for him, “Don’t say my brother is a cry baby. He’s not a baby OK”
  • When Faythe decides to stay at MIL house, Vyktore goes, “Jie Jie you cannot stay, you come back OK” (He misses her when she’s not around)
  • First thing when they wake up, apart from looking for me, they will wake the other one up to play

I’m glad that they are closely knitted although at times they fight.

9 thoughts on “Of Arguments & Love”

  1. That’s a lovely picture and Vik looks so cute holding his toy car! Awesome! They’ve grown up so much (looking good) – thats how long I havent seen them. So near yet so far..goodness!

  2. haha, same la ….
    Jeremy always said : Mummy , i dun like didi… i dont want him .
    When i said i wanna give didi away for who who …. He will said : DIDI is MINE !! There’s love and hate … hahaha

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