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I make it a point that since every other night on weekdays & Sunday, they gotta be on the bed by 9 and sleep by 10, Friday & Saturdays are usually more relax when it comes to bedtime. Usually on Saturday, my brother (who comes over the weekend most of the time) will watch Nat Geo or Football, so we make Friday a special night.

look at the pile of popcorn!! RM4, tai tou lan!!

We have movie night. It can either be at home OR the theatre. So they always ask me, is tomorrow Friday? If I say yes, they’ll ask what movie we gonna watch for movie night.

I also make it a point to make them feel like cinema when we have movie night at home, by:

  • Making popcorn (microwave popcorns are so easy, just 5 mins and you are done. I get my supply from Jaya Grocer, cost me RM12/box of 3 packets. Each time I make 1 packet)
  • Off all the lights while watching movie
  • Prepare some light drinks like Orange Juice or Icy Cold Water
  • And obviously, sitting still on the sofa like they are sitting in the cinema LOL

And what movies have we been watching so far at home? Well, I managed to buy some old movies that are suitable for kids (or maybe not :P) and some DVD that they have yet to watch:

  • Gremlins Part I – Oh they love this!!
  • Jurassic Park – Part 1,2,3 (Vyktore’s favourite)
  • Barbie and some don’t know what – FYI, Vyktore watch till fell asleep LOL
  • Aliens in the attic – not scary and quite hilarious

and a whole long list I can’t remember.

I enjoy movie night alot, because it’s fuss free and no mess as well, very easy for me to prepare (basically pemalas Mommy la). And kids love the idea of having popcorn at home. Sometimes we do add in some chips as well apart from popcorn. Yes I’m a junkie!! And sometimes we just do with drinks, no food.

Do you have such special night arrangement with your kids?

We gonna watch Rio tonight with Sue and her kids :). Yeah, she too has movie nights with her kids kekeke…

7 thoughts on “Fridays are reserved for…”

  1. Yes. Friday is our movie night too! The kids look forward to it like mad. So does the maid who gets invited to join in Movie night. 🙂

  2. Movie night! So fun. What a great idea. But I probably have to wait till the little one is older, but by then, Yiu Yiu may not like what her mei-mei likes, and vice versa 🙁

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