Easter Egg-stra Activity

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All the colourful eggs. Sue & Jenny did a great job collecting empty eggshells

Every year when it comes to Easter, I’d drool over those lovely looking Easter Eggs and wonder if my kids would ever have a chance to have such fun activity.

So one day over MSN, I was telling Sue, hey wanna do Easter Egg Hunt this year? And we instantly got into work LOL. We emailed a few Mommies living nearby, confirmed their participation and everything just started to kick in.

Yummy food. (L-R): Fried Beehoon, Marsh mellow covered with chocolate, quail eggs & sausages on satay stick, mash potato, curry chicken, sinfully delicious BBQ pork

Paik Ling was kind enough to let us invade her home sweet home with 12 kids and at least 5 parents. We were at her place as early as 11am. Started off with lunch, all those yummy food that we brought over to her place. After lunch, we started the kids with egg painting.

Vyktore enjoying himself painting the egg blue

Each of them had at least 4 empty eggshells to paint. I bet the kids enjoyed themselves painting & decorating their eggs once it dried off. We brought along some art & craft materials for the kids to use to decorate the eggs. Dinah even brought some of her old nail polish and it was a hit among Agnes’ kids.

Ice cream santa

After the egg painting, all the kids & adults were given ice cream treat by Paik Ling. We all rested and yak for a while before Jenny & myself went to hide the eggs.

It was getting dark, so we had to hurry and make sure the eggs don’t get wet.

The hunt was so quick, I barely have a chance to snap any photos LOL. Lesson learnt, must hide the eggs better next round. Within 1 minute the hunt was over hahaha…

Then it started to pour like crazy!!

Winners of egghunt goes to the Chan brothers

Sue prepared some prizes for the winners and some stickers as consolation prize.

It was great fun and I certainly don’t mind organizing another session like this next year. But we definitely need to improve our hiding skills!!

Some painted eggs

Faythe with her blue egg

Vyktore specifically want me to buy these pair of goggle eye for his egg

Faythe & her crepe paper eggs

A bunch of hungry egg hunters

Their collection of eggs

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  1. thanks for the idea. Being a buddhist, I have no idea how a easter celebration can be held for the kids at home. Now I know and I would love to hold one too next year. So its one yr once right?

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