Day 12: 2nd Farewell: Sze Ming

Daddy Motherhood

Had our 2nd farewell last night with a close family friend, Sze Ming, Sim & Max.

Faythe specifically requested for this photo, captured with the PNS Camera, hence the poor ISO handling.

Believe it or not, we’ve only met each other like less than 5 times (including last night’s dinner), but we sound more like we’ve known each other for such a long time.

Sze Ming is actually friend of Mr. Hon. But when she got pregnant and became a Mommy, eventually she became my friend as well :).

Last we met was during Vyktore’s fullmoon party, and Vyktore is already 5 years old!! Time flies. Her son, Max, is the coolest boy I’ve ever met. He loves stories about dragons, sword fights and all that a boy would love. When we send them home, he wanted to come to our house to play.

Sze Ming, I hope he enjoys the story books you’ve bought for him. Lets try to meet up more often next time ya. *Hugs*

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