Day 13: TwoPixels & Sue

Jazzmint Photography

Photo taken on Sunday, late lunch at Desa Park City. Glad that the kids were so co-operative for that 1 single shot.

From an ex-schoolmate to business partner. That’s how my relationship grew with Sue. We barely knew each other in the school, and again blogging has met both of us. Sometimes when you meet someone on the blog, and later find out there are so many things in common, you get thrilled. I don’t know about you, but I was thrilled because Sue stays so near to me and her kids are same age as mine too. Hence there were alot things we could do together.

We started TwoPixels Photography 2.5 years ago due to our passion in photography. End of last year, we were at the verge of moving our little business to fulltime, but things took a left turn and we didn’t manage to do it.

At one point, someone even asked if we were sisters because we look alike O.o.

We’ve always keep each other company via MSN, almost every other day, sharing thoughts with each other. We even share our personal calendar with each other so that we can plan things out not clashing with our personal life activities.

Not only both of us, but our kids grew up together as well. Faythe is 6 months younger than Ivan, Vyktore is 6 months younger than Izac. Since we live so near to each other as well, we sometimes go out for dinner/lunch together. And with all the 5 kids, it’s havoc for the restaurant.

When the news came about that I’m moving out, I was actually very worried how to break the news to Sue. So I told her slowly in pieces to prepare her for the big day. I hope she didn’t have sleepless nights after I told her. Being a very understanding partner, she even offered her maid to help me to pack, and supplied me with all the corrugated boxes.

We have no plans with TwoPixels, now that we are both far apart. Lets see how things will fold in for the next few months.

She’ll be due end of this month and I won’t be around to meet the lil bun in the oven. May you have a safe delivery, Sue. And you will always be missed. Make sure you inform me personally after you deliver, if it’s coming from you know who, I’d probably not believe that piece of news :P.

6 thoughts on “Day 13: TwoPixels & Sue”

  1. Hey, great shot there! Pass to me yeah 😀 You will be dearly missed, I’m sure the kids will miss Faythe and Vyktore too, and don’t worry… your news will come firsthand and not thru you know who! ;P

  2. Ya it’s sad that 2pixels has to end. You do take care of yourself and hope to see u soon when u get back.

    Meanwhile, I’ll take care of sue for u while u r away. And be te first to tell u when she goes in labour. Hehehe

    From You Know Who…

  3. it must be hard to part with great friends here but with technology these days, there’s nothing to worry about yea. anyway hk is quite near to MY. you can go back for a holiday anytime. 🙂 i wish you all the best and all is smooth on your side friend!

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