Day 14: 1st Farewell: Mommies ONLY night

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I scheduled this post without putting on the content. So when Day 14 came, everyone was puzzled haha….Sorry, got a bit busy :(.

You know who you are, not tagging your names here 🙂

Last Friday, had my 1st farewell gathering with a group of bloggers Mommy (and some ex-bloggers too). I first started blogging when I was pregnant, but at that time barely know any bloggers. I only had a handful of readers and they were mainly male friends (my badminton kaki LOL).

After blogging for more than 6 years, I now have a group of Mommy friends whom has the same interest as me. And most of us doesn’t know each other at first, but somehow it grew into friendship later on. Life is weird sometimes. Once a while, I will receive email, asking me some questions, because my blog came out in google search. Sometimes, a long lost friend will email me, because they’ve been following my blog and suddenly realized that he/she knew me.

Throughout the years, some of the things that probably 9/10 bloggers did:

  1. Sitting in front of the PC and wait for paid post (those were the days :P) while chatting on MSN
  2. Attended bloggers gathering (be it just Mommies or with kids)
  3. Got offended because of some comments left on the blog (don’t be so sensitive OK, just general statement)
  4. Get help to setup blog from another blogger
  5. Laugh at the silly things that we blog about (be it the kids or ourselves)
  6. Would now rather read from feedreader than the actual blog cause the blogroll has grown so long
  7. Spent hours changing the template
  8. At one point of a time, would have probably screw up the template as a result of step 7
  9. Remembering each other by the blog name rather than the actual name
  10. Group chat on MSN that you barely can read the messages because so many of them in it LOL

But since facebook came about, blogging has somehow took the 2nd seat. And due to time constrain as well, less and less Mommy blogs. Or maybe there are alot new ones, but we are not in the same phase as them, so I’ve also not been adding new bloggers into my feedreader.

Last Friday gathering was great. Food was salty but company was great. We were there by 7pm, and only left at 11pm. Last table to leave. If only it was Chillis, we sure ate all the Nachos in the restaurant :).

Thanks ladies for coming. Gonna miss all of you and we shall keep in touch via FB/Blog.

6 thoughts on “Day 14: 1st Farewell: Mommies ONLY night”

  1. As always, nice to catch up with all the mommies, we can never seem to get bored yakking and yakking about the same but different things 😉

  2. i agree that it’s kinda hard to believe ppl we met online can turned such great friends 😀
    it has been nice knowing you but too short lah… 🙁
    wish you all the best!!

  3. hey jasmine, your posts of your farewells are really touching! nice to see you one last round (not that we meet often) and also glad to have known you. you are so right that some of us have lost touch of blogging. hehe.

    anyway, sorry cld not attend the park yesterday with the kids. perhaps the next time when u’re back. good luck to you at your place and am happy that all of you can be close to hubby once again. respect the long distance that you have had, not easy esp with 2 young kids.

    will keep in touch via fb! 😉

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