Day 15: The TANK & it’s living things

Daddy Family

Can you see the glass in between? Look closely 🙂

They’ve been with us for 6 years. When we first moved in, they were size was barely the length on an iPhone. At the time they left us, they were both about 35cm long.

Lets talk about the tank before we talk about the fish as the tank marks an important part of our house. When we were renovating our house, we converted one side of the house into a fish tank, size 6ft x 4 ft. It requires about 1 hour to fill the whole tank up. *Crazy*. Right below it, there’s a filter system that works by itself for the pass 6 years, with minimal intervention required (thank GOD for that). And the magical thing about this tank is there’s a glass that divides the tank into 2. You will not notice it unless you take a closer look at it :). It shares the same water and everything, but the fishes are separated.

That, actually enabled us to keep 2 Arowana in 1 tank. Cool right. Invented by Mr. Hon…made by aquarium shop in PJ Old Town. The man actually came to our house and install the tank there n then cause it was too huge to bring over from his shop. And before we put the tank there, that area did look like we are selling hotdogs & tickets over the counter.

The cleaning of the tank is an uphill task. Usually done by the skillful maid, and then it became part of my job when the maid left/runaway, and then I got fedup and just left it to grow moss allover :P. Not forgetting the food we need to feed them. Consist of mainly:

  1. Frogs
  2. Earthworms
  3. Crickets
  4. Centipede
  5. Baby fishes

Each time we travel for longer than 3 days, we need to appoint someone to feed them. Thanks to Lawrence & Frank for taking care of the fishes each time we are away.

On one of my short business trip, I didn’t appoint either of them to feed the fish because I thought it was a short one, should be alright. Made sure I fed them before leaving, and when I got back, disaster struck. The whole tank of fish on the inner side died. 5 parrot fish, 1 arowana (the one with chip implanted). Reason: Power trip.

Took Lawrence & me 2 hours to clean up the mess.

The day finally came, on 11th June (same day as when we movers came), his new owner came and pickup the remaining arowana & parrot fishes.Took the man 2 hours to get him into the plastic bag. Had to sedate the fish.

He will be missed for sure.

The new owner, proudly holding the Arowana. Good bye…Mr. Hon gonna miss you.

5 thoughts on “Day 15: The TANK & it’s living things”

  1. Nice Arowana, is such a waste to give to ppl coz we have one that given to ppl too when we shifted here.

    You mean ur tank was installed by Kok’s Fish & Aquarium shop in PJ Old Town?

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