Day 16: The Shipment

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This is the 1st installment of our countdown before leaving the country. From now till 17th of July, I will be posting one post a day, of which each post represents a part of our family and what has been happening over the pass 1 month and of course the coming last few days living in KL. Some of it are quite boring, so read whichever you prefer.

everything went in and ready to sail to HK

On 11th June 2011, it’ll always be the day to remember. Movers came and moved all the stuff that we want to ship to HK. The moving weren’t that bad, but the preparation for the move was crazy.

Mr. Hon came back mid May with a big bomb. We gotta start packing cause we target to move the things into container and ship it on 18th June. And because I will be in HK starting 15th June, they have to come earlier to collect the items. So I basically had 2 weeks to pack everything and finalise the list so that they can get quotation over at the HK side.

It was really crazy. He started packing his teapots, only some, then it was all mine mine mine. I tell you, I’m now a qualified logistics worker :P. I bubble wrap every single teapot. Packed every single tea into bags, and then into plastic container & seal them, to make sure in case they fumigate the shipment, it will still be safe for drinking. Clothes, kids books, kitchen utensils, groceries which I bought from Vietnam and some other stuff. Not forgetting tagging all the furnitures that needs to be shipped.

And from time to time, Mr. Hon will add 1 or 2 item into the list *grrrr*. I worked OT everyday after work to pack all the 10 boxes. As for the furniture, we left it to the movers to do it. The house has not been swept/mop since then till last weekend (26 June). Can imagine how dusty is that :P. It looks like a warehouse more than anything.

At the same time I also have to pack things which we want to keep & things we want to throw/giveaway. It weren’t easy, but I just continue to push on.

So when the day came for the movers to collect the items, I was relieved. At least the bulk of mess is gone. And I can move on to dispose/giveaway/keep rest of the items.

Now when I think back, I really can’t imagine how I did it all by myself. Crazy or what. I even used a packing list template from my vendor and printed packing list and stick it on each box haha…really like professional logistics OK :P.

And on that very day, at night, we also celebrated Vyktore’s 5th Birthday. He wanted a Yellowman Cake. Gosh, son, you are really testing me. I didn’t want to waste RM250 ordering a 3D cake for him, so I made the yellowman with fondant, and put it on the orange/cheese cake that I order from Suzette :).

Vyktore, Faythe, Cousins (Gabriel & Raphael) & Partner in Crime, Jayden

Sweats…that’s the first & last time I’m gonna do anything with fondant. Really not easy lah. But I’m glad that he was very happy when he saw the cake. Can see the grin on his face. He wanted to eat the yellowman O.o.

Happy Birthday my little man…we all love you, very very very much :).

13 thoughts on “Day 16: The Shipment”

  1. You have done great work! salute salute!

    Can’t wait to hear your account on your move to HK. Wishing you all good, comfy and home sweet home in HK too 😉

  2. Adding logistics skill to ur resume huh. hehehe Yo Superwoman, after being so bz with all the packing, u still got d energy to fulfill V’s request for the yellow man. *salute*

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