Day 3: Farewell with KL Working Moms

Family Jazzmint

Since we have some errands to run downtown, I made arrangement to meet up with Paik Ling for lunch. Jaccs & Elaine also joined us since they are all working in KL City Centre. And this wraps up all the farewell lunch/dinner that I’ve been having.

We had non-halal Japanese food and it was yummy!! Thanks ladies for the treat and good thing Hon was not bored to death with us yakking non stop during lunch.

By the end of Thursday, I’m so exhausted & my legs are so sore. Because it’s traffic jam all the way and I’m driving a manual car. Also the night before we went for movies and slept pretty late as I had to vacuum pack all my clothes so that I have enough space to stuff all the clothes. I’m like a walking zombie O.o. Almost fell asleep at Great Eastern while waiting for Hon to sort his things out.

Thursday was like the final day to get everything done, but nevertheless, I still have a long list to accomplish for Friday & Saturday. Seriously, it’s like never ending O.o. How come I got so much things to do!!

The most important thing is I need to make sure whatever that I want to giveaway has to be ready before Friday as the Charity Org. people are coming on Friday to pick it up. I don’t want to leave anything behind. So it was more like crazy clearance sale on Thursday night to make sure nothing is left.

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