Day 8: Bloggers Farewell

Faythe Jazzmint Vyktore

Whoa, just 9 more days to go….

I’ve packed 3 farewell, 1 dinner & 1 party in just 1 weekend. Keng chau!! Obviously I didn’t realise that on Saturday, it was also the Bersih 2.0 day. So some bloggers were worried and asked if we are still going ahead with the farewell. Seriously, I have no more slots available LOL. So we still gotta march on with our farewells.

The bloggers that I know some lives nearby, but some lives at the other side of the town. And to have all of them together is not easy task. Especially some have to rely on drivers to fetch them, obviously the driver will not be keen to drive all the way to our side of the town just to watch us yak till cow comes home while they sit there and stare at the kids LOL.

So when I thought of bloggers gathering, it’ll be good to have it at 2 separate places so that they can choose which one to attend to.

Damansara/Bangsar Gang – Morning Session

Supposingly there were more people coming, but in the end only 6 families. It was a very cloudy morning. Best time for picnic :). We met in TTDI Park, Peggy & Mei Leng came first. Then us. Then Dinah with Aidan (and his bike). Finally, Patrick & his 3 boys and Rachel & Philip came pretty late.

Kids enjoyed themselves building sandcastle and getting wet. We just sat there relax, chit chat a bit. Didn’t take any photos lah *doink*.

We left the place about 11am, went home to clean up the kids. Then head for 2nd farewell.

Kajang/Cheras Gang – Afternoon Session

Before I left PJ, I made a few calls to check the situation over at the other side. Because we are meeting in Crittersland, Serdang, I foresee that I’ll pass by some roadblocks along the way, and was trying to figure out the best route to escape.

Packed McD to eat in the car (I don’t wanna die of hunger stuck in the roadblock). Packed my phone charger as well, in case emergency, I don’t wanna run on low batt. And off we go.

In fact the traffic was pretty smooth except for the stretch at Bukit Jalil that took me 30mins to get out of there no thanks to roadblock.

This side of the town gathering was huge turn out. There were 9-10 families (can’t recall). Kids had a great time playing in Crittersland while Mommies can sit and chit chat outside.

It was also my first time meeting Chooi Peng, Anggie & Michelle Sau. Funny, we bloggers, talk on MSN, read each other’s blog, but only meet after so many years. And for farewell pulak LOL.

We finally left at 430pm since Mr. Hon & me has to attend a dinner with some friends.


To all my blogger friends,

No doubt that we are no longer active in blogging (some of us, not all), we will always keep in touch with each other via other methods. I feel so happy that I have another group of friends who shares alot of common things. Sometimes, when you have friends that are not married, it’s hard to relate to them your issues because they have not encounter it. But with bloggers, it’s a different story, cause our kids are mostly same age, so we basically have the same set of issues like maid, kids homework, and so on. And we learn from each other, for the benefit of our kids.

Each and everyone of you have a special relationship with me. Be it we just knew each other, or we’ve known each other for a long time. I thank you for being part of my life for the pass 7 years of blogging, and may there be many more gatherings to come in the future.

See you ladies around, be it the next time I come back or in Hong Kong. Will give you ladies my contact there :).

Note: Photo to be uploaded later.

8 thoughts on “Day 8: Bloggers Farewell”

  1. Really thotful of u to hv the farewell over at “our side”. 🙂 And coincidently, we chose such an “auspicious” day to meet up. So sorry that u hv to be stuck in the terrible traffic going home.
    All the best in the new chapter of life! Keep in touch ya.

  2. hai…very touchy note to the bloggers *i received it with much thanks* & i shared yr sentimen too 😀
    hopefully a mommy trip to HK can be realise one day…that’ll be fun ehh !!!

  3. When i recall back , i still remember u r my 1st few readers who give support and leave comments when i 1st started to blog … now i recall , u also the 1st who teach and guide me to used digital scrapbook … but last saturday was our 1st time meeting each others .. i m glad that i meet u tru blogging . Will miss u and the kids … do keep us update often ya and last wish u all the BEST in HongKong.

  4. You know what I always remember you for? When I first joined the MSN forum that Sharon started (gosh, can’t even remember the name now, Baby Smooches? Same as her blog title right?), you were the first one to PM me, inviting me to the Hytex warehouse sales. That was like aeons ago 🙂 Glad to have known you.

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