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Faythe Motherhood Vyktore

Faythe loves to make origami by referring to the origami book we’ve bought for them. And there’s this particular origami that makes puppet animal (just the animal face) that she has remembered the steps and do not need to refer to the book anymore. She’s been folding many of these to give to her friend, and while she was at it, this was Faythe & Vyktore’s conversation:

Faythe: Mommy, I’m going to make 2 more origami puppet for my friends.
Mommy: OK (while I was folding clothes)
Vyktore: I also want jie jie
Faythe: OK..what animal you want? Cat dog or panda?
Vyktore: I don’t want, I want dinosaur
Faythe: But this one cannot make dinosaur. I can only make cat dog or panda.
Mommy: Maybe rabbit?
Vyktore: I don’t want…I want dinosaur (sounded impatient)
Faythe: That might be difficult
Mommy: Hmm maybe pig
Faythe: Ah..can also. Vyktore you want pig?
Vyktore: No!! I want dinosaur. I want carnivore animal ONLY. I want T-Rex
Faythe: Cat is also carnivore you know. Cat eat fish

I couldn’t help but burst into laughter when Faythe answered him back so quickly and she was quick enough to turn the situation back. She really tickled me with her wittiness. Yes, cat eats fish, I totally forgot about that.

Vyktore got upset and stood up from the dining table and wanted to catch Faythe because he refuse to accept that cat is a carnivore.

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