Her Suggestion

Faythe Jazzmint

Recently I started going to gym as I’ve put on some weight over the cold winter and I could feel my pants as if it’s gonna burst any sooner O.o.

The good thing about here is whenever I go to gym, I can bring both my kids along and let them play at the playground in the Clubhouse, which is just next to the gym. Hence I don’t need to leave them at home alone (No No) or hire a caretaker to take care of them for that short 30mins workout. And they love to go there anyway. It’s a place where they might bump into their schoolmate.

While taking the escalator to the gym, this was our conversation and suggestion from Faythe:

Mommy: We need to go gym more often, you see I’m fat already. *Pointing my finger to the spare tyre*
Faythe: It’s OK Mommy. If you wanna be thin, just follow what I do. Eat what I eat. Don’t eat what I don’t eat. Then you will be thin like me.

If I do as she says, I think I’ll be constipated and dried up in no time OR I’ll be double of my size cause her diet mainly consist of pasta/spaghetti with cheese (fatttening), pizzas (oo, also fattening), less fruits & veg (that’s where the constipation comes) and all the chocolates that she can ever eat (sure deadmeat if I indulge in this).

Seems like I don’t have much choice but to go gym more often. Lets hope I can shed off those extra kgs easily.

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