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Some friends asked me what are the difference within WordPress 3.3.2 and the previous version. So I thought I’d share some of my personal review with readersร‚ย  before you decide if you want to switch to the latest version.

I did an upgrade from a very old version, V2.1, so it was a major upgrade and I had to do it manually as auto upgrade is only available for version 2.5 above (if I’m not mistaken). I also prefer to do manually so that I can go thru the steps and know what I’m doing. I’ve read that some automated update had problems. Hence I definitely prefer a manual update, at least I don’t need to spend so much time troubleshooting if it screws up.

There’s a word count while you are drafting your post, which works perfectly for those that write paid post. You no longer need to copy the post to MS Word and do a word count. Brilliant!!

The functions & options are split out on the left side and can be easily accessible e.g. Appearance, Plugins, Tools, etc. And each of them comes with a further level of breakdown. Makes it alot easier to find your WP functions.

While you are drafting your post, you also have the option to select what to display on the screen via Screen Option. With this your screen looks less cluttered and you only need to display what you need/want to see. Awesome, I love the clean sleek look.

Plugins update are a breeze. On the page where plugins are shown, you can easily choose to update those by just a click of the mouse. You no longer need to go and search for the latest version and then upload it via FTP.

Themes are definitely more advance now and there’s a lot of customization that can be done. Customization can be done in WordPress itself, that’s the most beautiful part. Simply love this :).

Insert photos is a chore now. My usual way of inserting photos (load via FTP, then copy the URL and add into the post) now takes longer for each photo because WP will attempt to verify the existence of the photo before allowing you to upload it. I think each pic easily took about 10sec more. So if you are uploading alot of pics for that post, it’s gonna take you ages.

I also notice that once you upload a pic, if you did not press ENTER previously to have additional lines below, you will not be able to do so after inserting a pic. Not sure if this is a bug. And if you try to insert another pic without looking at where your cursor is, chances are the whole post can be wiped out and only the new pic that you have just inserted is showing on the screen!!

You can’t turn off comments for your post. Maybe I haven’t figure it out, but so far there’s no option where I can turn off the comment. Thumbs down cause I do not want people to comment on paid post. *** UPDATE: this can be done, but only in Quick Edit Mode. How weird..maybe it’s a bug ๐Ÿ˜›

Under Appearance, there’s this thing called Menu. This is totally new to me and I have not figured out what’s this for.

I’ll be adding more to this list once I get use to the new version and discover more. So do come back and check if there’s further update :).

4 thoughts on “WordPress 3.3.2 Review”

  1. Also there is this thing about parent and child themes….if you wanna modify your template, best to create a child theme so that in future upgrades of wordpress will not effect your customizations done on your child themes……

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow.. what’s parents and child theme.. so complex..

    I still don’t know how to load photo directly from wordpress. ๐Ÿ™

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