Busy Designing, Printing & Cutting…

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… stuff for Vyktore’s Birthday Party.

I’ve been pretty busy since last week preparing stuff for Vyktore’s Birthday Party. Planning the menu (what to serve for both adults & kids), the games we gonna play, some decos to spice up the party venue, booking of venue, etc…Not forgetting pinning some ideas over at Pinterest. Gotta love that website tonnes!!

Now I wish I could be a party planner LOL. Much more fun that my existing job haha..Anyone wanna join me?

Well, I’ve been cutting up alot of printed stuff which I’ve designed with photoshop, from food toppers, to food labels, and even banners and invitation card. I’ll share some of the steps with you once all these partying is done and over. Good thing is that some of the cutting the kids can help up. I actually prefer them not to get involved if not they won’t be surprised on that day, but heck I’m short of time and any help would be great at the moment.

We’re not gonna cook up a storm as the kitchen is limited and time is limited as well. Hence making some simple food (popiah) and ordering some pizzas, that’s about it.

Will be on blog hiatus for the mean time. Hope will be back next week. And my office project is due on 11th June!! OMG…I hate to plan parties when I gotta deal with other deadlines in office. Sigh, what a life.

Here’s a snapshot from Instagram of the food labels I’ve prepared.

I’m getting pretty excited now. Nyek Nyek Nyek…

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