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Few days ago while we were getting ready for Church, Vyktore asked:

Vyktore: Mommy, how come we are Chinese but we have to go to English Church?
Me: Ermm..*seriously I’ve never thought that he’d ask me such deep question LOL*…you want to go to Chinese Church? Then I can ask Uncle Liau bring you to his Church, and we bring Ting Ting to our Church. OK?
Vyktore: No..
Hon: Are you Chinese or English?
Vyktore: I’m English

hahahaha…….he’s still having his identity issue I guess, speaking English most of the time, but calling ourselves Chinese.

next..while on the way to Church, he asked this: (this was related back to me by my friend cause she and Hon brought the kids to Church that day)

Vyktore: How come Ting Ting comes to our Church? She’s a Chinese and our Church is English…

Again, both of them were caught unfounded and just answered him that Ting Ting follows up to Church cause she wants to learn more English and mix with English speaking people.

Obviously, he’s trying very hard to shake off this little girl, named Ting Ting and trying to find excuses so that she won’t follow us to church LOL.

Hence we tried to explain to him that we are all Chinese, but just that we speak English most of the time, doesn’t mean we are English people. I showed him that English people are people like Uncle Bruno, Uncle Marc (Hon’s friends). I hope he understands hehe..

2 thoughts on “English or Chinese?”

  1. Hi Jasmine! You take such beautiful pictures! I just stop by but I truly enjoyed your pictures. We have similar questions asked by our kids, well mostly by my son who was 5 years old (now he’s sick). He asks us why we have to speak or learn Japanese because we are in America… I knew one day he would ask such question, but I wasn’t prepared… 🙂 I’m sure we’ll have similar identity questions in the near future. Your explanation to him was very good!

    1. Hi Nami,

      Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been salivating over all your recipes and food photos the pass 1 hour. I’m so gonna try those gyoza when I have more time. Hehe yeah..the ever curious mind of our kids sometimes can leave us flabbergasted.

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