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Few days ago, Hon bought some laici from Beijing. They were huge. Not the ordinary size laici that we usually see in the market. Faythe was delighted cause she’s a laici lover. As for Vyktore, he never liked it before because it was soft and mushy. I’ve given him to try canned laici.

But since it was his first time seeing the fruit itself, he wanted to try it. Each of them took 1 laici while we were walking to the restaurant for dinner. I told them that they could only eat it when we arrive at the restaurant to avoid all the mess and juice dripping.

While walking, Vyktore came and told me this:

Vyktore: Mommy, you know I can use the laici to scratch?
Mommy: huh? Scratch what? (while looking at his hand with the laici)
Vyktore: See, I use the laici and scratch my neck (he put the laici on his neck and started to scratch his neck with laici instead of using his fingers)
Mommy: LOL, yeah, that’s a good idea.

I guess he was tickled with the slightly rough skin of the laici and thought that using it as scratching is something new to him :).

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