Why mouth is placed under the eyes?

Faythe Motherhood

photo taken 2 yrs ago in Vietnam

Few weeks ago, while we were standing outside a restaurant deciding what to eat, this conversation took place:

Faythe: Mommy, how come the mouth is under the eyes and it’s not elsewhere?
Mommy: *geez, what a question*. Well, God created the mouth under the eyes so that when you try to scoop the food into your mouth, you can do it correctly. See, like this. (did some action to show her my cock eyes while pretending to scoop food into my mouth). If God put your mouth at the back of the head, then you can’t feed yourself properly right :P.
Faythe: *giggles*..oh I know, then you can ask your fren to feed you. She sit behind you, then she can help to feed you.
Mommy: Yeah, then you all can sit in circles, and feed each other right 😛
Faythe: hahaha yes..it’ll be fun
Mommy: Yeap. And I think that’s a good idea. Then you won’t have to see what is being fed to you and just chew and swallow it. Instead of now, you will look at the food and complain it’s vegetables, bla bla bla..
Faythe: Kept quiet..(kena backfire LOL)

Sometimes, I really wonder what is going on in their mind. I don’t recall I was like this when I was at her age.

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