If only…

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If only there are 30 hours a day, not just 24 hours, then I might possibly have more time to:

1. sleep
2. eat
3. update my blog
4. do the things I wanna do
5. spend less time at work, and more time with kids

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. For the past 1 week, I simply can’t imagine what I’ve gone thru at work. And it still continues this week. In between all these crazy schedules I just found out that there are errands I need to run which are urgent too. And how I wish immigration departments open at night..yes I definitely need that kinda service!!

Work took the toll on me last week hence I didn’t have time to even look at anything apart from work O.o. Then I went for a short breakaway in Bangkok, to make the other 1/2 happy (I was happy too, but dead tired). And now I’m back at work slaving thru this week. This is gonna be the toughest week and lets all hope it pulls thru easily.

I’m going on a blog hiatus for now and I really wish that life could be much simpler at times. Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead and hope mine would be smooth sailing too.

4 thoughts on “If only…”

  1. Take care babe. Don’t worry, all of us feel overwhelmed at times too especially being a FTWM. This will all soon pass. *hugz*

  2. Oh yes, 24 seems short at times, doesn’t it? Thanks for stopping by but I’m afraid I don’t have the answer for you on the online passport application but check out my suggestion anyway..

  3. Haven’t been coming here so a while. Love the refreshing look of your blog and taking a break from blogging will sure helpful. love the comparison of yours between living in KL and HK, will patiently wait for your return;) Take care and enjoy life there!

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