A day when everything fails….

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Do you know what is called Jinx Day? I think I do. And this is such an important event I want to document in my life LOL. Never in my work life email failed on me.

Last night, my colleague reported that there’s some issues with our Exchange Server and he didn’t get any emails for whole afternoon. I thought I’d be spared this round, but late at night when I turn on my laptop and my Outlook, I know that I’m affected as well. Ironically, it’s only happening on Outlook. Hence we were all advise by our brilliant IT advisor (our very own in house IT geek a.k.a. the virtual IT assistant) to use webmail or mobile email (via ipad/iphone) as alternative.

Hence I spent 1/2 hour last night configuring my webmail to the look I want and finally was using it happily. Up till 2PM, this was still fine, then after that, webmail started to fail. Suddenly I could no longer open the emails as before. I tried logout from VPN and login again and it’s still not working!! Even up till now it’s down.

I’m now down to my last resort, using my iPhone to check my emails :(. I couldn’t even configure my iPad or iMac to retrieve emails, probably the system is overloaded and gonna crash anytime LOL.

I seriously can’t imagine this day could happen. I’m down to my last resort of accessing the email. Should this go down, really can close shop for the day. Good thing is tomorrow is public holiday :).

This is what I call jinx day. Had such experience lately?

Latest update @ 7:25PM.

I was trying to login the webmail and here’s what I’ve got:

A mailbox couldn’t be found for S-1-5-21-1343024091-879983540-725345543-1479870. If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk.


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