Disconnecting myself from FB world

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Of late, some of you might have realised that you can’t find me on Facebook anymore. No I didn’t get kidnapped or disappeared from the earth overtime. I’m still very much alive and kicking. I just felt that I didn’t have a good control over my virtual life when I spend alot of time on Facebook. Reading thru post after post about Election and other topics, friend’s posting, advertising, leaving comments, answering comments, and a whole lot of crap in FB….the list is endless LOL…

It’s a good way to stay connected, but you get addicted to it overtime. I want a virtual life where I can be in better control. Where I can write more than just few phrases. Where I can post photos of my own choice. Where I can control who leaves comments on my wall. Where I don’t have to worry people will smear my wall with things I do not want to see.

Hence the decision came that one fine day and I deactivated my FB account :). I’m not upset or feel offended with what people write on FB, but I needed time off from FB. After all, if I want to write about what’s happening in my life and read it 30 years down the line, I’m not sure FB can still provide me such avenue or not. But I’m dead sure that so long as I continue blogging and paying my yearly domain hosting subscription, I can definitely read back what has happened 30 years later.

No worries, I will be back on FB, but probably it will take a while. So for those who wants to know what’s happening over here at HK, do visit the blog again or join my instagram. Or you may drop me an email if you are looking for me. One main issue I had with FB is I never get those PM notification and I’m very slacking in replying those messages.

10 Responses to Disconnecting myself from FB world

  1. Tracy Lim says:

    Good to hear that you are still kicking. Ok, I will know where to “find” you. *heeher*

  2. Elaine Tan says:

    yes, a lot of times, we’re ‘lost in FB’. Hello, real world :)

  3. chooipeng says:

    was just talking to HS, where is jasmine? cant find her ler….. rupanya u deactivate it d! hahhaa

  4. Alice says:

    No wonder have not seen your updates for ages!!!

  5. Cheng lian says:

    No wonder didnt see u “alive” in FB, haha now I know why ady. Good to hear more news about you through your blog. :) keep writing ya.

  6. Glad to hear you are alive and kicking!
    I think you made a wise choice…..!

  7. Babysmooches says:

    Good to “see” you back in the virtual world.

  8. Frankie says:

    Ya I thought I lost you…my friend. Silly me

  9. Twin says:

    Thanks. Now I know why. Hehehehe. :)

  10. Damien Loong says:

    U disconnect without giving me ur email and contact number ….grrrrrr

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