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Both my kids are trained to ask for the bill (è²·å–®) whenever we go eat in restaurants outside. Sometimes Vyktore will ask why do we è²·å–® before we eat our food and why sometimes we è²·å–® after we eat our food. This was what happened last week when I made bagel burger for them last week.

As Faythe was almost done with her food, Vyktore asked:
Vyktore: Mommy, need to è²·å–® or not?
Mommy: This is home dear, but if you want to è²·å–® can also….
Faythe: OK, how much Mommy?
Mommy: You go put your plate behind first, then I’ll tell you how much.
Faythe: OK *went to the sink and left her plate there*
Faythe: So how much?
Mommy: 4 kisses

They both got so excited cause they gotta pay me in kisses rather than the usual fake money (slap my hand and considered pay)

Faythe: oh..ok. *She gave me 4 pecks on my cheek*
Vyktore: Mommy, what about me, how much is mine?
Faythe: oh Mommy, wait. I should kiss you 5 times, then you need to return me the balance hahhaa…
Mommy: *smarty pants of mine* OK, come where’s the 5th kiss?
Faythe: *Kissed me 5 times*
Mommy: OK, and here’s your balance. *Gave her a kiss on her cheek*
Vyktore: Whatabout me? I finish my lunch Mommy. How much is mine?
Mommy: *eager LOL* Yours ah, 5 kisses la since yours had pineapples.
Vyktore: *quickly came over and smooch me all over*
Mommy: Hey, that’s more than 5 LOL

He ran away happily without taking his “change”.

So that’s their way to è²·å–® at home now.


2 thoughts on “è²·å–®”

  1. I love it! Brilliant concept!
    I feel that Asians do not kiss / hug their kids enough (and vice versa); we really gotta work hard to change that 🙁

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