Ushering 2014, Year of Horse


2013 been a busy year for me, be it at work or personal life. Lots of challenges that we ride thru, lots of struggles, lots of tears (of joy and sorrow). Now it’s the start of 2014. I usher the New Year with my girlfriends in Bangkok this year. It’s like becoming a tradition that every year we spend our New Year together. In 2013, it was in Singapore. I’ve sort of made mental notes of my 2014 New Year Resolution (which I don’t usually do for the past many years) and lets hope that I can strike them out one by one as we sail through this year. Oh’s also the Year of Horse for the Lunar Calendar this year. Yee Ha!!!

Here’s wishing all my readers a Happy Belated New Year and may this year be a good year for everyone, in particularly those born in the Year of Horse :).

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