Childhood Past Time: Friendship Band

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Anyone of you made Friendship Bands during your school days? I made tonnes of them during school days, especially after exam and we had nothing else to do in school!! I remember I use to go to Embroidery Shop near my home to buy Cross stitch Threads every other weekend. I use my school pocket money to splurge on buying Cross stitch Threads LOL. In school, we would exchange conversations about all the different patterns we could make out of those Threads.

Now recently, Faythe showed me some YouTube videos and photos of Friendship Bands. And I thought, oh well, it’s Mother and Daughter bonding time. Lets make some friendship bands.

Being a foreigner in this foreign land, I had a problem!! I needed to find out where I could purchase those DMC Cross stitch Threads!! I googled and found a few places, ended up at a Craft Shop in Sheung Wan, but they were just selling a handful of threads. Well, it’s better than nothing. At least can get ourselves started. I guess I need to stock up on some threads when I go back KL next time.

We promised to start on this little project of ours after her 1st Semesters Final Exam. Hence, 3 weekends ago, Faythe started off weaving her way with her 1st Friendship band. She made 1 for herself, with a combination of 3 colours. She also made 1 for Vyktore that came with different shades of blue.

She’s now taking orders from her friends and want to make 1 for each of them (*.*).

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  1. Ahhh….friendship band…. such a long time ago. My brother was a lot better than me – he made the most beautiful bands, but we just used multiple strands of ordinary sewing threads.

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