CNY Flower Market, Tsuen Wan

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This is our 3rd year celebrating CNY in HK. ON CNY New Year even, after reunion dinner, I decided to pack up my camera and headed to the Flower Market to meet my colleagues there.

We wanted to go to Victoria Park Flower Market, but at the very last minute, we changed our mind and went to Tsuen Wan Flower Market instead.

It was obviously packed to the brim with throngs of people. People were busy purchasing flowers & food.

Thereafter, we went to have some dessert at one of the dessert shop nearby while bitching away about office politics.

We then walked to the Tsuen Wan West Park to hangout till 2AM, with further bitching about just anything LOL. No, it was not all girls, there were 2 ladies (including myself) and 2 guys. We even compared who is better looking in the entire account that’s supporting the Client LOL. Well, cause there are only 5 ladies in the entire team in HK. Sounds pathetic, but in IT industry where male dominates, that’s a norm.

I finally got home at 3AM and slept thru my 1st day of CNY till 11AM :).

A lazy way to start off the Horse Year.



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