Kids School Sports Day, 14th Jan

Faythe School Vyktore

For many of you who are unaware, we’ve made a bold decision to transfer the kids out from Local Public School to Private School when the school term started in Sept 2013. We (as in the kids and parents) could no longer stand the bulk of homework that bug us every day, long weekend ad holidays. It’s definitely much more costly, given that the school is not even walking distance from home. But it’s probably the best decision we’ve made ever since we’ve moved to HK.

Now, back to the Sports Day, this the 1st year for all of us in this new school and my 2nd time attending School Sports Day in HK. 1st was last year with their previous school and it kinda got me thinking how come sports was about Parents and Kids participating in sports event. This made this year’s Sports event so much better.

The school booked the Stadium at Shing Mun Valley and we all headed there with the school bus. Although there were much fewer students in this school than the previous one, but it was a true sports day. They had track and field events!!

Faythe & Vyktore competed with their peers during the 100m heats and both qualified to the finals.

They were also teamed up in different House Colour (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue), just like back home :).

There were team events as well for each House to collect their points. Red house came in leading the pack. Both Faythe & Vyktore were in that House. Good thing they were not in different Houses!!

The P5 & P6 had a 4 x 100m relay in the afternoon event. And the final event was everyone including parents and teachers run the 400m.

The medal & trophy ceremony followed suit before we were all dismissed and left the Stadium and head back to the school.

Vyktore came in 2nd in the 100m Finals. He was so delighted. Faythe wasn’t the Top 3 since she had to compete with P4 students. We told her to try harder next year and she might even win since she will be competing with P3 & P4 next year.

I totally enjoyed myself attending their Sports Day this year. I’ve never cheered so loud since I left school. Made me felt like part of them :).

Am now looking forward to their next year’s Sports Day.


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