Cycling Trip at 南生圍 – 22 Mar 2014

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Office HR organised a Cycling Trip at Nam Sang Wai (南生圍) and invited everyone to join. Cycling on the road is something I have not done for years. Well at least 10 freaking years!!! And since it’s a strictly adults cycling trip, I registered only myself. I manage to rope in some colleagues from my account to join in the fun.

We all met at Tuen Mun (yes, its New Territory again) MTR Station and took a short walk to the Cycling Shop. Since it’s Cycling on the road, we were briefed by a bunch of youngsters on the safety measures, where we heading to and how to wear our helmet.

We then took chance to select our bike after they briefed us how to adjust our seats and shift gears. Once we were all ready, we starting cycling along the road, stopping once in a while to push our bikes across the road before continue cycling.

After cycling probably about 2km, we came to a restaurant cum farm and stopped there for our lunch. The owner was selling some organic vegetables, pumpkins and what have you. I was tempted to buy but since we are cycling, figured that it wasn’t a good idea after all.

We were served with home cook farmer dishes. 6 dishes and 1 soup.

Hainan Chicken. The skin and meat so smooth, I bet Vyktore love it to bit if he was around.

Pork stew with organic pumpkin.

Smoke meat. Now this is interesting. It’s actually cured and smoked with Laici wood.  Hence it has this distinguish taste which I couldn’t resist myself eating more.

Blanch vegetables with Oyster Sauce.

Chives Omelette.

Salt grill fish, with yummy plum and yellow bean sauce. The fish was really the highlight of the day. Dip it in the special sauce, you can eat the whole fish by itself.

After lunch, we took a short tour around the farm and the lake. Our cycling tour guide briefed us on the vegetables that were planted at the side of the lake. I was pretty surprise to find some celery, romaine lettuce and even coriander planted there. Wish I have green fingers.

After the tour, we had our smooth-o-taufoo fah before we head off the road again. The next route was rather long and tiring. It was a single lane road and there wasn’t any cycling path, so we were cycling along with the cars that was coming in both direction.

This the path heading to the single lane road. Decided to post process it to give it the Old School Feel.

Finally after probably another 2km, we stopped by the road side and our tour guide gave us further briefing. Oh he mentioned about the Shan Pui River where Pui Pui the Crocodile was found. Oh this young man is so knowledgeable, he even talked about the migratory birds that we spotted along the river.

I wasn’t paying attention about his briefing as he spoke in Cantonese whereby a lot of terms was pretty alien to me. Unlike the words we use back home. Instead I went around snapping photos.

We then started our cycling again and finally came to a large field filled with trees lined up in rows. Pretty rare sight for Hong Kong. We had some free n’ easy time at the field before we cycle further in, parked our bicycle at the side and took a walk.

It was a beautiful sight. A river, tall grass and bare trees. Oh, and apparently some HK movies and series were shot here. I absolutely enjoyed the tranquility and reminds me a lot of Sekinchan.

Thereafter, we cycle to the riverside and we have to cross the river with a sampan. We had to pack up our bicycle on the sampan to bring it to the other side of the river. Then we cycle all the way back to the Cycling shop and that ends our 8km cycling trip. We took off our cycling helmet, parked our bicycle and bid farewell. It was indeed a tiring day and I was completely flat out when I got home.

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