HK Wetland Park,香港湿地公园 – 3 Feb 2014

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Backdated post.

It’s 3rd Day of CNY and we have nothing much to do. Hence decided to head to Wetland Park to visit the Crocs. Vyktore first heard about this place when he was in Kindy. He’s been yearning to go there to see crocodile ever since then. So when I suggested 湿地公园, he was delighted.

It was an unexpectedly warm day during winter season. so we all went without our Jackets and layered clothing.

The place is located somewhere near Tuen Mun. Hence we took the MTR and changed to the LRT. It was the 1st time kids riding the LRT (they call it the mini MTR).

It was a bit of a walk after we got off from the LRT station and we were greeted by a Secret Garden Maze at the entrance of the Wetland Park. They both had fun going thru the Maze to get to the other side.

We finally got into Wetland Park after taking some photos at the outside compound. As it was still early, it wasn’t too crowded and we decided to do the outside area first. It was a lot of walking and looking at plants, which the kids weren’t too interested at. Vyktore was busy looking out for the crocodile, which was obviously not living in the wetland compound.

There was bird watching houses where people can hide and watch the birds. For someone that doesn’t fancy birds I find it rather boring. Even the kids got bored after watching the birds from far. 

We also went to the muddy swamp area where we saw some crabs.

It got really hot when we finally finished the outside, we headed in for lunch to find a tremendously long queue of people buying food. Then we finally got a peek at Pui Pui, Hong Kong Celebrity Saltwater Crocodile. She was found in one of the river in HK and was moved to the Wetland Park later on.

There was only 1 restaurant there by the way. No choice, they both went and find a seat while I line up to buy the food. We were all in a hurry to eat as there was a Swamp Adventure the kids can’t wait to try on. It’s like a jungle gym. The catch is you gotta line up to get your pass. And thanks to the crowd, the kids were willing to chomp down their food quickly and went to line up for their entry pass.

They enjoyed themselves in the Swamp Adventure (30mins) and when they finally got out, it’s time to head home.


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