French Plait – 2 May 2014

Faythe Jazzmint Motherhood

When I was young, my mom used to spend time every morning tying my hair before I go to school. Mom being mom, is always very creative with hairsyle as she used to work as a hair stylist. Well actually she’s like the perfect housewife. She sews, she cooks and all that wifey stuff. I’m really no match of her :).

I remember mom learning french plait from the saloon when she took me to cut my hair. Then when my hair got longer (I only cut my hair once a year back then LOL), she experimented french plait on me. She even plait my hair and I went to bed with it. The next morning I’d wake up with hair like a Lion’s Mane.

When I was a teenager, although Mom was no longer around, I continue to be a hair stylist of my own. I go to school with different hairstyle everyday. One of my best buddy, during Form 5, she even drew the hairstyle I have in my Autograph Book hahaha…

But when I started working, there weren’t much time anymore to play with my hair. Now that I have a daughter, I divert my hair styling to her instead hehe.

Faythe is very blessed with thick hair. So thick sometimes I try to recall even I didn’t have such thick hair during my younger days. I struggle to tie her hair most of the time. Even just a pony tail (=.=).

And boy I’m really jealous and wonder how I can do better. It doesn’t make sense, when I can tie french plait myself, but I can’t do it for Faythe.

Hence the other day, I went to YouTube to learn how to tie hair for people LOL. It’s easy to manage your own hair, but other people’s hair is a totally different league.

After watching 1st part of the video, I got the idea how to do it, then started to part Faythe’s hair into 2. I decided that since it’s my first attempt, it would probably better if I tie 2 instead of 1.

My 1st attempt on one side was not too bad, although some parts I have to admit it doesn’t seem such a perfect French Plait.

My 2nd attend on the remaining side was better, as I begin to get a grasp how things go, nevertheless, it’s not as easy as I do it for myself.

After some struggle, finally managed to put 2 french plait on Faythe. I plaited her frinch as well and asked her to go to bed with the hair tied up.

Next day when she woke up, I took out the rubber band and there, I have a lion’s mane. Her curly hair lasted almost the whole day to my amazed.

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  1. whenever i see this hairstyle i always ask people what they think of yulia’s version? the female ukrainian pm.

    the way she pulled it off was powerful. somehow, i am always reminded of that whenever i see plait of any style 😛

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