Black & White Photography, 31 Oct 2015

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Backdated post. 

Since I resigned, I try to ensure that I don’t work on weekends so that I can start adjust to my jobless life. I also start to fill my weekend with personal activities. Hence I join another photography meetup activity on 31st Oct. The theme is black & white photography. It seems easy topic, but the selected location is challenging. It’s Shum Shui Po. In such a busy area, how can we shoot something black & white that requires very distinct outline and contrast to give the effect of black & white. To make it even more difficult, it’s a night shoot (low light!!!).

Seriously, after walking for the first 10-15 minutes, I was struggling to capture shots because it was more colourful than black & white itself. I also try not to limit myself to jut portrait shots, but more to capturing the scene, surroundings & other things that might catch my attention.

We try to steer clear of the busy area and headed to Shek Kip Mei side to get better shots. I like how we are confined to shoot within a certain topic so that we don’t go click-crazy on the camera. I only manage to take about 30 shots or so, of which I’ve only shortlisted a few which I really like.

Here are my Black & White Night Shots for the day.

Backline of Shum Shui Po…like the effect of the stairs stacked up.

A lady packing up carton boxes in the dark alley.

A fruit stall with busy customers picking up fruits.

Fruit stall owner.

I took this shot because of the distinct shapes of the wine bottles vs. the crowd.

Lady at the vegetable stall packing some vegetables for the customer. This shot was taken at the Shum Shui Po Wet Market.

A quiet street.

Another quiet street, away from the hustle bustle of the heart of Shum Shui Po.

Pedestrians busy crossing the street during the red light.

A team of young kids playing soccer at the local housing area of Shek Kip Mei.

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