Yet Another Year


2 blog post in a year :

I’m so lacking and so not motivated to write/update this blog. How can I do better? Set a reminder to sit down every week to pen down something? Gosh…

So 2016 has ended, and we are into 2nd month of 2017. So fast!!!

Before I write down my 2017 Resolution (yes again, another resolution blog post hahaha), lets review what I’ve achieved in 2016. Here’s what I wrote for 2016. I’ve reviewed them and I’m quite proud that I managed to achieved 4/6 resolutions.

  1. update my blog every once a week (at least) – failed entirely
  2. going gym/exercise 3 times a week (at least) – overachieve
  3. eating healthy once a week. I’ve set wednesday to be healthy day for the whole family – overachieve
  4. catch up with backlogs of photobooks & editing. Target to complete 5 books this year. – overachieve
  5. training Faythe & Vyktore to be more independent. I’ve given them task to do (chores at home) and we have started this in December as trial run. – achieve
  6. bringing my kids out of Lantau Island at least once a month to explore more of Hong Kong. – failed partially

So this year, I’m back with setting another string of resolution for my achievement. I’ve wrote this down back in Jan, but just didn’t have the time to post it up as I was really really busy during CNY with my lil Lou Sang Business in HK.

2017 Resolution as follow:

  1. Hit 60kg of body weight & build more muscle
  2. to update my blog once a month – trying to be less ambitious to restart the momentum LOL
  3. study the word of lord, 1 chapter a month
  4. complete all travel photobooks backlogs – I’ve done year book up till 2013, that’s not too bad, so this year target to catch up all the travel books (which are easier to do)
  5. Join 1 marathon (half or quarter) either in KL or HK – uphill task
  6. eating healthy with healthy breakfast mon-fri

I try to be more specific this year, cause last year was more generalist. Well, it’s time to get my butt moving and start to work on these resolution.

Wish myself all the best, you can do it .

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