Housewife update, 1 year 5 months


Yesterday, 5th April, I went lunch with David Hardy & Twinky. Last I met David was 2 years ago, when he left CX account and head to HP Singapore. He’s now back in HK and will be working with another company. It was such a coincidence that it was exactly 1 year 5 months I’ve left HP. Apart from Twinky, who is still with HP, all of us has left CX Account. As usual, we bitch about all the crazy things that happen in the account last time, and also those that are still there.

Throughout all these months, I’ve received calls from some of my ex-managers in CX Account, asking if I’d join them in their new company. I’m really glad that despite my “early retirement”, I’m still pretty much wanted by them, due to my credibility at work. Even yesterday itself, David casually joke that he’s here to get me to work with him and Nicholas.

Nowadays, a lot people that I meet ask if I’m getting used to my “new life” and do I miss my job? Well, housewife life is tough. Yes it is!! You basically cover everything and anything that nobody does at home (apart from cleaning is done by part time cleaner). I become the default person to go to for meals, looking for missing things at home, collecting parcels from post office/groupon, running to immigration for visas, renewing insurance & road tax, purchase stuff for kids school project, centre of complain when the house is messy (but hey, that’s not even my fault ), booking flight tickets, pilot paperwork and many other things.

Sometimes, I get irritated doing all these because they throw my entire schedule off the track. As an ex-project manager, I’m still quite used to living within a schedule and planned activities. Last minute activities are very annoying. But then again, if  it’s not me doing all these who else, since I’m the one most free. That’s what Hon keeps telling me . Well some I understand, but looking for missing items in the house…that’s not really fit into the profile.

Do I miss my job? well Yes and No. I miss my ex-colleagues and all the lunch/dinner sessions with them. They keep me in tact with all the happenings in and out of office. I miss the money I earn and those I could spend in a month, of which now I’m more or less limited to what is provided by my other half. It’s more restrictive now. I certainly don’t miss working late nights and weekends. I don’t miss all the nasty clients and the unnecessary stress. I don’t miss going into datacenter sorting out cables and moving in servers.

I do yearn to work again, but probably as part time or flexi time so I could also spend time with my kids & family. Well, life is short after all. No use to earn all the money but not able to enjoy your life and live your life to the fullest.

Someday when I make a come back from my “early retirement”, I hope that I’m still sharp and sought after.

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