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Two days ago, Vyktore called me from school to tell me he got 100% for Mathematics and 95% for Chinese. He’s so happy. When he came back, he quickly urge me to recalculate his average marks for this term. His average score came up to 97%. This is an important day to remember, because for once he scored so well. Whereas Faythe only made it to 96% this round, due to her Mathematics marks.

Faythe was really upset because she lost to Vyktore, first time after so many years. All this while, she is always ahead of him. Victor is always pushed by me to work harder and set his target to be as good as Faythe. He finally did it. He really deserve a good reward from us.

One of the reason why he work so hard is the reward system that we impose on both of them. It’s a simple & straightforward reward, but overtime, it’s working really well.

Our reward system is based on $$$ & Internet time.

We give them a target of 80 as starting point. For each point above 80, they will get $10 & 5 mins of internet time.

When we first started (around 2 years ago), Vyktore only had the average of 83 (after averaging all the main subjects). This means he only get $30, and 15 mins of internet time. He proof himself from time to time, slowly inching towards average of 90s, whilst Faythe maintained above 90 average all the time.

This time, is his first time getting above 95, and also beat Faythe by 1 point. Amazing, all his handwork finally reap the fruits.

Here’s a conversation captured with Vyktore 1.5 years ago when we were discussing about his results.

VMHK: Mommy I’m now in the middle.
Mommy: Middle of what?
VMHK: Middle in my class. As I’m no. 8
Mommy: Oh..yeah..you gotta work harder to be on top, at least top 3.
VMHK: I will get closer to the tree….
Mommy: What tree?
VMHK: The tree. You know all these scores are like climbing a tree. Now I’m in the middle. Then later I’ll climb closer to the top of the tree.
Mommy: Oh I see. What tree is this? Money tree?
VMHK: No. It’s the food treeĀ 
Mommy: What? Food tree? So what do you get when you arrive at the top of the food tree?
VMHK: All the food that I want to eatĀ 
Mommy: LOL…my son and his food…

Well Done Vyktore!!! You truly deserve it after many years of hard work. You are getting close to your food tree LOL

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