2018 Is Here


Wow seems like the few times that I update my blog is when I need to update my resolution for the year . Kind of ridiculous I’d say.

Again, lets review 2017’s Resolution and how many did I manage to meet.

  1. Hit 60kg of body weight & build more muscle – more muscle yes, 60KG no.
  2. to update my blog once a month – didn’t happen, but I have blogged more than 2016.
  3. study the word of lord, 1 chapter a month – FAILED
  4. complete all travel photobooks backlogs – I’ve done year book up till 2013, that’s not too bad, so this year target to catch up all the travel books (which are easier to do) – FAILED
  5. Join 1 marathon (half or quarter) either in KL or HK – joined a 3KM run
  6. eating healthy with healthy breakfast mon-fri – FAILED

To be honest, I didn’t meet any of the above, just part of them. In 2017 there were a lot of unexpected travelling, as such I’m blaming the unachievable resolution due to this LOL.

As such, 2018 resolution is not much difference than 2017.

2018 Resolution:

  1. travel to see Terracotta Warriors – bucket list accomplishment
  2. to update my blog once a month
  3. to complete all travel photobooks backlogs
  4. Maintain 65kg & continue to build muscles
  5. Read the book of Psalm, Genesis & Exodus

Here’s to a great 2018 year and hopefully I am able to achieve my resolution this year.


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