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The blog is getting dustier than ever, with just 1 post for entire 2018 . I suck bad time in this blog updating, let alone other stuff. So I shall not start with my new year resolution again, since it’s so not useful anymore to serve as a reminder .

I’m currently clearing my email box, which is way overdue, and found some pretty interesting conversations of my kids which I’ve not shared for sometime. So lets do some of these to bring back some memories.

7 Feb 2015 – The art of question taichi by ME
FHMY: Mommy, why do chicken have stick legs?
ME: I don’t know. Ask the chicken Faythe.
FHMY: Mommy do you know chicken got no ears…


Sometime in 2014 – The KinderJoy Story from Faythe
Oh No!!! That Hippo is going to die
I need to give him CPR!!
Du…du….du…du (heart beat)
His heart beat is slowing down!!
I need a defibrillator!!
1 2 3…..

Du…du….du…du (fast heart beat)
He’s gonna explode!!
Everyone duck down!!!

That’s how kinder joy eggs spread all over the world


Sometime in 2013 – Planning a surprise birthday for Mommy
FHMV: Vyktore, lets do something top secret..
VHMK: OK, curi makan? Walked to the tiffin carrier and took some nuts
FHMV: No!! curi makan is not top secret!!

…..whispering….pretend didn’t hear….

VHMK: I go ask Mommy, Mommy what you like?
FHMV: No, No, don’t!!! Sorry we are doing something top secret, Mommy cannot know. I need tapes…
FHMV: Vyktore can you cut heart shape?
VHMK: OK, I try my best
FHMV: Remember, you try your best and cut OK

…..quiet….no sound….pretend didn’t hear…..

VHMK: Tomorrow morning we knock knock and say…Happy Birthday!!!
FHMY: Sshhh…..


Jan 2015 – In Okinawa
FHMV: Mommy, what hotel are we staying?
ME: Hilton Double Tree. A 5 star hotel
FHMV: I can’t say no to this 


24 Nov 2015 – Sweetness Overdose
FHMV: Mommy, I love you so much. My heart will explode if it’s not because of my skin
ME: ..thank god it’s Faythe, can’t imagine this coming from Vyktore


17 Nov 2015 – On his photo
VHMK: Mommy, can you send me that baby photo
ME: Which one?
VHMK: The one just now you were looking at
ME: Why
VHMK: So you can send it to me on what’s app?
ME: And why?
VHMK: So I can stare at it everyday
ME: And why?
VHMK: Oh no!! It’s going to be a series of why….
ME: ..yes why?
VHMK: So I can look at the picture
ME: Oh ok…


15 Nov 2015 – How to torture your worker
FHMY: Waiters have to have amazing skills.
ME: Ya, if not they break all the plates and gotta pay for it
FHMY: The boss going to skin the guy and cut off his butt. Then he will put the butt at the Golden Archers Fire Place. And at night, he will sit there at the fireplace with his marshmallow. The waiters’ face is carved on the marshmallow
ME: I’m gob smacked….


15 Nov 2015 – Vyktore’s POEM
In the world where Pig and Spider mate
The mutant Spider Pig will be born
And you can ride them


3 Sep 2015 – Vyktore’s POEM
When the darkness fall
The butterflies flies
The crabs growl
The crocodile seek for prey
And the cat farts

Sometime in 2016 – Photobook Break
ME: Faythe, I’m worried!! The photobook we order takes 2 months and it is still not delivered!!
FHMY: I think they take too many coffee breaks


Sometime in 2015 – Zombie alike
FHMY: Vyktore uses expire toothpaste
ME: Since when he start using it?
FHMY: Ever since he found it!!
ME: I think that’s why you fall sick and got Ebola
FHMY: He’s a tombie
ME: What’s a tombie
FHMY: It’s a zombie which uses expired toothpaste. Instead of saying brains, they say pharmacy
ME: Why did they say pharmacy?
FHMY: Becase in the pharmacy there are a lot toothpaste…that are expired
ME: *Laugh die me*

..……………………….later on at night………………………………..

Faythe moved near to my lap

FHMY: Ewww… farted!!!
ME: No I didn’t
FHMY: Yes you did!!
ME: Oh, that was just now hahahahahahahaha…Vyktore was lying at my legs all the time and didn’t smell a thing..
FHMY: Now he’s a fartbie. Zombie that breath fart, not air

OK, I think enough funny conversations till my next post.

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