Faythe Laser Tongue Part 1

Faythe Motherhood

OK, time to update the blog with more kids conversation. Actually, I really can’t believe I have time to update blog today . Feel so blessed.

Faythe and her life, Oct 2016
FHMY: Mommy, all these posters showing the market is so nice and clean is cheating cause the Fu Tung Market is not like that. 
ME: Yea, it’s only artist impression. Means how it should look like, but might differ from the real thing. Wait till I bring you see the market in KL, then you will say that the one in Fu Tung is much better. You will have the BEST TIME IN YOUR LIFE in the KL Market…*Start singing (to tease her): I had time of my life, and you never know you had before….and I swear…It is true*
FHMY: Mommy, the best time in my life was when I was in your tummy
ME: huh??
FHMY: Yea. That time I didn’t have to wear clothes. Don’t have to walk, cause you are doing all the walking. Didn’t have to worry about food. I didn’t even have to open my mouth to eat since I’m getting food from the belly button.
ME: Yea…and all you do is just keep swimming right.
FHMY: Yea, there’s no homework, so free.
ME: Oh but you got no wifi, and you can’t play the phone then.
FHMY: yea, but still it’s best time
ME: Well too bad, you can’t stay in me your entire life 

Money Minded Faythe,  when she was 3 years old
FHMY: *shaking Vyktore’s piggie bank* Mommy…ah boy’s piggie bank is so heavy, mine is so light
ME: Oh really???
FHMY: Ya, see ah boy’s one is this much, mine is like this.
ME: …lemme feel it, come bring yours down
……she went upstairs and took it down……
ME: *Mommy check*…oh ya, yours so empty, ah boy got more .
FHMY: It’s OK, I’m gonna take all ah boy’s one and put into mine.
ME: No no….you don’t have more cause we’ve been asking Vyktore to put coins into the piggie bank to polish his dexterity skills, and he’s been putting them into his piggie bank of course. It’s OK, now everyday Mommy give you a bit more OK, then you can be same as Vyktore.

GOD told me, Faythe when she was 3+
We have some hermit crab at home and I was telling her that hermit crab eats stuff like dried laves, papers, basically rubbish. 
FHMY: No!! GOD says they eat turtle food (pallet)
ME: GOD? When did GOD tell you?
FHMY: Everyday in school after bible story, I will pray. And GOD told me that my crab eats turtle food
ME: *wah liao eh….does this mean I gotta go buy turtle pallet now* 

Shark and red colour, Faythe when she was 3+
White watching shark documentary on TV
FHMY: Mommy, I think you better not wear red baju. It’s the same colour as the blood!!!
FHMY: Mommy, from now onwards, if we are going anywhere holiday with beach, I will not go. I think Daddy better not go swim at the beach. Shark eat people!!
ME: …Not every beach got shark, some only.

Michael Jackson was human?, Faythe when she was 4+
Talking about her performance in dance school
FHMY: Mommy, you know Michael Jackson?
ME: Yea…he just died months ago…
FHMY: No no, that day I saw Michael Jackson Part 2.
ME: No la, Michael Jackson is dead, what you see is a video.
FHMY: Michael Jackson a human?
ME: yes!! he’s a human. He’s very famous, can dance, sing, etc.
FHMY: But he die already?
ME: yes!! died….so what you see is probably some DVDs of him..

Pretend to be shy, Faythe when she was 4+
ME: Faythe, say hello to Auntie Cheryl
FHMY: Mommy, but I’m shy….
FHMY: Mommy, when I see those people that I always see, I’m not shy. But when I don’t usually see those people, I’m shy


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