Faythe Laser Tongue Part 2

Faythe Motherhood

Tough Parents, Faythe when she was 5+
FHMY: Mommy, I told my friends that day my daddy is very tough. He can also throw chair with one hand…
ME: …then what your friend say?
FHMY: My friends say WAH….and they say their daddy not very tough.
ME: Oh, their daddy can do what?
FHMY: Their daddy can do computer only
ME: …ic ic
FHMY: But their Mommy is tough. Can do many things. 

About Tooth Fairy, Faythe when she was 6+
We were reading a book about tooth & I was explaining to her how tooth will come off. In the book…
ME: See, some countries practice keeping their tooth under the pillow so that tooth fairy will come and exchange it for gift/money. Some will put them in a box. So what you plan to do with your tooth?
FHMY: I’m gonna put under my pillow, so that it will turn into money
ME: …wow if only money can be obtained so easily 
ME: No la, I give you a boc and you can kepe them there OK.

…eventually I bought them a tooth book to store all their tooth and they still keep it till today…..

Overhead conversation between both of them:
FHMY: Hey, what’s up brother?
FHMY: You are wasting my time, let me help you (both doing puzzle)
FHMY: I am the big sister
VHMK: I am the small brother



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