Vyktore’s Little Trouble

Motherhood Vyktore

When Vyktore was much younger, he’s pretty timid and often gets into trouble without knowing. And Faythe is his savior most of the time when he’s in trouble. We still laugh about all his guilty innocent shock look nowadays although he has pretty much grow out of it.

Here are 2 occasion that I remember very clearly.

Story 1: The spilled milk
One night, Angie made some chocolate milkshake and each of them had a cup. Daddy asked them to sit in their room to drink. After a while it was all quiet over at the room, we could only hear Faythe talking downstairs to Angie. I quietly hop over to have a look what happened to Vyktore. I thought he fell asleep. The moment I opened the door….

ME: *OMG*….*he spilled the milk shake on the floor and he was mopping the floor with his hands to try clean up the milk shake mess 

And the 1st thing he said was: Where is Faythe? Where is Faythe?

I think he was hoping that Faythe would help him to cover up . Unfortunately, this round Faythe can’t save him.

We had a good laugh and then he laughed too and got the maid to clean up the mess.


Story 2: Eggs Smash
After dinner, while I was talking to maid about what to cook the next day, Vyktore was standing in our dining hall…
VHMK: Egg egg….mommy you see egg
ME: Yes that’s egg. Don’t play ya

And the next thing that happened, he squeeze the egg and it broke 

And the egg went flying onto his face and all the shells and egg were on his hand too…

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