Times of Turmoil in Hong Kong

Life in HK

Recently Hong Kong been plague with endless protest & riots in view of the extradition bill.

What started as a protest against the amendments of extradition bill in Hong Kong has turned into some other agenda. Everyday, we get updates on the protest schedule. And almost every night we see riot police coming out to disperse crowds from the protest (be it legal or not). It has come to a point of public disorder, making people fear of leaving their home. As a Hong Kong resident, it’s pretty disheartening to see this happen.

Many kopi table discussion been happening all over Hong Kong. Even last night when we were having our supper, the table next to us (local Hongkie) was condemning this whole fiasco thing.

IMHO, Hongkies are rather stupid. The endless protest and violence is not gonna resolve matters. We Malaysians know that very well. The CE has already stated she will not back off, and the extradition bill is suppressed indefinitely. And yet, Hongkies are stubborn enough to continue to protest with 5 other request, including resignation of the CE. A lot of people say these protest are funded. Well it could be. Who will have the energy to protest every 2 days right? Don’t we all need to go work and earn our living.

The most laughable thing is that all these 5 request are not even impacting the social life of Hongkies. Will your life improve if these are implemented? Will you be able to buy a house if these 5 request are push through? The core issues of Hong Kong is not these 5 request. There are other things which are more important and probably protest of those social matters would make more sense. Eg. lack of housing, wages, cost of living, and so much more.

Many people blame the police for taking sides. Blame them for violence against the public. But lets not forget that some of the protesters are just asking for trouble provoking the police. It’s not right to set fire at the police station. Even worse catapulting objects into police station in the attempt to make damages to the police station. At the end of the day, who’s going to pay to fix all these damages? Tax payers money. All the tax paid by these stupid protesters. Of course there are isolated cases that police could have abuse their power, but that’s a small number of them. To me, the HK police are really nice and pamper the citizens too much. In Malaysia, we would have been beaten up by them for all the things the protesters are doing to the police. They can even continually approve so call peaceful protest, knowing that some idiot will make trouble during the protest. Police are also human. They are just doing their job after all. It doesn’t mean they are against or for the extradition bill. People should know this outright and don’t make them as the government scapegoat.

Maybe Hongkies need to see bloodshed before they will stop the violence protest. Everyone is rooting that the PLA from China is going to come. And if this happens, Hong Kong is done deal. Which is why Hongkies are stupid because the more chaos they create in Hong Kong, it means they give China a bigger opportunity to step in. And first of all, why do they have to hate China so much? So much so that they wish British could come back and rule them once again? Or even become independent from China? Totally absurd. Hongkies need to wake up from their dream. None of this is going to happen!! Firstly, they should all be well aware that historically and geographically, they are part of China. Nobody can deny this. Even the British themselves! So what’s the point of even arguing and fighting for things that’s not gonna happen. They might as well be the goodie 2 shoe, like Macau and move on with life. They don’t realize that all these economy growth is stirred by China. Every other luxury brand retail outlet in Hong Kong is swarmed by Chinese people. Not the British. Not the Americans.

Hongkies must be thankful for the freedom they have. Never take for granted of the one country two system.

I hope that the protest will end soon with more and more people realize it’s a waste of time and energy. They should channel their energy for something more beneficial. And if at all you are not happy, then you can leave Hong Kong. There’s always an option to migrate, or to emigrate to elsewhere. Just a matter of are you capable of doing so with the skills that you have.

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